Natural Trail

Starting Point: The excursion area of Sykopetra.

The route begins at the village’s excursion area, ascends, and heads north towards the Lasmari rock, located just outside the cycle route.

It then continues through the settlement of Profitis Ilias and follows a dirt road towards the Farmakas community.

By following the trail signs, you’ll be guided to a 1 km cycle path marked by an increased level of difficulty.

The path extends eastward, descending towards the village’s viewpoints. It then proceeds south on a downhill course to the restored threshing floor known as ‘Satanalona’.


The route leads to a rural road that takes you back to the village. Near the village, it passes close to the 1955-1959 EOKA liberation struggle hideout, which can be visited by following the directional signs.

Finishing Point: The excursion area of Sykopetra

Following these signs will bring you back to the starting point.

The Excursion Area was created by the Community of Sykopetra after the urging of expatriates to find a place to rest when they visit the village. Its name came from its beautiful location since the pine trees (Pinus brutia) thrive there, and it is a unique chance to enjoy the greatness of the Cypriot beauty.

The area has a capacity of 40 Persons. It is ideal for rest and entertainment as it includes a playground, grill place, water tap (drinking water), benches, toilets, and trash cans. It’s important to mention that the area is also accessible for people with disabilities.

The Ideal location for a one-day – and not only visit to the Village!