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Sykopetra - Profitis Hlias


Sykopetra is located 30 kilometers southeast of Limassol, in the geographical area of ​​Pitsilia.

It is located on the border of Limassol, Nicosia, Larnaca.

The village is located in altitude of 800 meters above sea level. The borders are on the south with Arakapas, on the west with Saint Constantine, on the north with Paleochori, on the northwest with Kambi and on the east with Melini and Odos.

Profitis Hlias

The settlement of Prophet Elias was formerly called Lampiris. This name came from the name of the French consul in Cyprus, Lapier, who kept a tsifli in the area. When Lapier left Cyprus, he donated the tsifliki to the founder of the current settlement of Prophet Elias. The area was later renamed by the founder of the settlement, who built the church of the Prophet Elias after finding a picture of the Prophet on a nearby river.


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Natural Trail

The route begins at the village’s excursion area, ascends, and heads north towards the Lasmari rock, located just outside the cycle route. It then continues through the settlement of Profitis Ilias and follows a dirt road towards the Farmakas community…

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